Amazon reseller continues to sell t shirts promoting violence

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Although the “rape” t shirts have been removed, because of the random way the t shirt slogans have been generated there are still many slogans being sold which seem to promote violence (including violence against women). The example in the image below (“Keep Calm and Slit Her”), is just one of many, including “….Break Her” “…..Rock* Her” “….Rob Her” etc.

Here is a transcript of my latest chat with an Amazon Agent – still not getting anywhere.

You are now connected to Ross from
Ross:Hello there. How can I help?
Me:Hi. My name is Tony.
I assume you have been made aware of the “keep calm and rape” t shirts that were being sold by one of your resellers, and have since been taken off?
Me:Well problem is unfortunately not solved. Since the phrases were randomly generated by a computer, you still have:
“Stay Calm and Slit Her” “..and Break Her” “…and Rock Her” “..and Rob Her” + many others.
I strongly request that the offending store is taken completely off line until they are able to fully clean up their act.
Ross:Thank you for letting us know. I will forward this on to the relevant department for review, and they will take the appropriate action.
Me:When will they take the appropriate action? This has been going on for two days now, and is simply not acceptable.
Ross:We’re not at liberty to reveal details of our internal processes, I’m afraid.
Me:Perhaps I should make a report to the police regarding “hate crime” (I actually don’t like that phrase – but it might be appropriate in this case). I very strongly feel you must take urgent action.
Please can you assure me you will escalate this using the most urgent internal process you have?
Ross:I can assure you that I will escalate this using the most urgent internal process that I have available to me.
Me:OK Ross – thanks for your help. Have a nice day.
Ross:You too, Tony. Take care.
*Admittedly “Rock Her” can have a less sinister meaning, but bearing in mind where we started, I can’t keep the image of rock wielding madman out of my head.


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