Why #ibelieveher

It really is very simple.

Rape victims are routinely disbelieved by society and our CJS.

The result is appallingly low reporting rates for rape (less than 20% of victims will report). This is followed by an appalling attrition rate – of the small number of reports, less than 20% make it to trial.

The end result of all that is that in more than 98% of rapes, the rapist remains free…… to rape again.

This has to change. The only way to get more rapists behind bars is to get more victims to report, and to do this, we need to start believing them and supporting them.

Combine that with the fact that (unsurprisingly) the rates for false accusations of rape are similar to that of other crimes, at around 3%, then the logical choice becomes even clearer.

So, #ibelieveher

┬áMore recently #ibelieveher needs no further justification then the rape and abuse scandal of Rotherham – which fundamentally, was a horrendous failure by the authorities to believe 1000’s of child victims.

For a more eloquent and detailed view of #ibelieveher:



Side Note for the “Innocent until proven guilty” Brigade

IUPG is for the courts. It is required to avoid sending innocent people to prison. (The downside is that many guilty go free – especially in cases of sexual violence). It is not required in personal relationships. If someone comes to you and says “I’ve been raped” it’s perfectly acceptable to believe them without further evidence. Give them your support. Believe them unconditionally. Help them through the awful days and weeks to come – whether they report it or not. There will be more than enough people who disbelieve, you don’t need to be one of them.


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  1. Great post! I believe her too, and I’ve been commenting on Twit about Amber Heard… Vs Johnny Depp.

    We should BELIEVE them! Then it would be easier to report it.

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