You don’t tweet, you clearly don’t care.

For some incomprehensible reason, @everydaysexism (and others) has received a lot of criticism for not tweeting about (and presumably condemning) the Rotherham sexual abuse scandal.

The critics universally imply that since they have not tweeted, they clearly don’t care. Most go on to state that they obviously care more about “staring men” (or choose your brand of casual sexism) than they do about child sexual abuse.

What a load of utter utter bollocks.

Thousands of people have said nothing about Rotherham. They all care. It does not need to be said. In fact I’d be prepared to state that those who care most – who have reason to care most, are those least likely to make yet another opinionated tweet.

Because lets face it, twitter is not a good medium for nuanced discussion of anything – let alone something as emotive as child abuse.

So whatever @everydaysexism ‘s (and others) reason for not commenting – lets just respect that choice – and not use the horrific sexual abuse and rape of thousands of children to score cheap points.


Update: Look, I’ve had a response.

Michael Walsh @mcjwalsh14h:  @tonycollinet@evilherbivore17@EverydaySexism a sight dedicated to challenging sexism says nothing about Rotherham ……….and you sanctimoniously claim they care – yeh right

It seems some people are so desperate to score cheap points, they are prepared to bend logic all out of shape in order to do so.

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