Yes, it did happen.

And women are not lying liars.

Why, when reading the catalogue of abuse and harassment that is the @everydaysexism feed – is there a group of men who in spite of the reports from 10’s of 1000’s of women from all over the world. In spite of not knowing the women concerned. In spite of being no where near the reported events, feel the need to conclude:

It never happened

Here are some examples.

What reason do you have, what TINY shred of evidence that this woman is lying. Why on earth would you not just believe her.

That tweet was followed by this – which I will conclude the answers to here:

Really? You wandered around for a few hours and didn’t see anything, and from this you conclude that thousands of women reporting this stuff must by lying liars?

Lets put aside the fact that many perps of this sort of behaviour tend not to do it in the presence of watching bystanders. Or that the location makes a difference, or the time.

You realise there are around 32 million women in this country – living in their skin 24 hours a day. How many 1000’s of women do you think you would need to watch, for how many 1000’s of hours for your sample to become statistically relevant do you think?

Er, yes I do.

1 – 1000’s of women reporting it. You DO realise that women don’t lie any more than men do? So how do you conclude that all these people are lying liars?

2 – Let’s take project guardian. One city – one transport system in that city. One week. 16 people arrested for sexual offences. That is more than 2 every day – on ONE system in ONE city. And these are ONLY the arrestable offences for which sufficient evidence could be produced to identify the perp, and make an arrest. It doesn’t include the many more with no video coverage – or witnesses – or even more where the victims don’t even report because the behaviour is so normalised and expected. Then if there are this many serious sexual arrestable offences – how many more of the less serious cases of harassment must there be.

3 – According to the office of national statistics there are around 85000 people raped annually in the UK alone. (Around 9000 of these are men). That figure represents mans there are about 230 rapes every day – nearly 10 every hour. Again – how many more lesser crimes of sexual assault – and even more of harassment and intimidation must there be – every hour and every day in this country.


So yes, Mr SL. When a woman reports low level harassment. Or intimidation. Or Assault. Or Rape. #ibelieveher.

Because this stuff happens all the time. There is no need to invent it. And women are not lying liars.

No, your tweet had not been ignored “because you are a man”

Disclaimer – I am not associated with the @everydaysexism account in any way, and have no inside knowledge. This post is a response to the ongoing and irritating drip drip drip of “@everydaysexism is sexist” tweets, and is simply based on my observations from more than two years of reading the account and tweets sent to it.

So why might your tweet not have been retweeted?

If you are generally supportive of the @everydaysexism account, and have posted an example of sexism that is relevant to how men experience sexism*, then you have probably not been re-tweeted for the same reason that 97% or more, of tweets sent by women are also not. Less than 3% are retweeted, and then only the most significant or relevant.

If, on the other hand you are tweeting copycat tweets such as the examples below – or you show your agenda by following up with a whining “I was ignored: @everydaysexism are sexist” / “why are men never retweeted” – or you’ve ever used the word “feminazi” or tags such as #feministfail, #feminismisawfull etc etc – or your timeline is filled with misogynistic bullcrap, then you’ve most likely been ignored because you are only tweeting to try to “prove” sexism from the account, and/or you have an anti feminist agenda, and/or you are a hoofwankingbunglecunt.

Not, because you are a man.

You might think you are the first to have tried this, but you are wrong. Similar tweets are made pretty much every week, and they are easy to spot. Furthermore, there are so many of these compared to genuine reports of sexism by men, that it is pretty difficult to filter out the genuine ones from the crap – which may be another reason so few from men are retweeted compared with when the account was set up.


Copy Cat Tweets.

*Men experience sexism differently from women. Something which is sexist when directed at a woman is not necessarily sexist when directed at a man. Therefore simply parroting tweets you have seen from women is a sure fire way to be ignored.

Some examples:

Not too bad, until followed up with:

With this in the TL:



OK, Next!

And, oh look, followed shortly after by

And more recently a whole series of tweets telling women why the sexism they experience isn’t sexism.


Followed imediately by:

Of course, he wasn’t. He was blocked 8 or 9 months before that tweet for another series of disparaging tweets.

And here is an example of 2 in 1:

Oh, yes – AND his TL was filled with misogynist bullcrap.

Update October 2015 – another classic example

Followed (literally) less than 10 minutes later by…



I could go on. These sort of tweets re-occur every few days or so – but I think you get the picture.