That’s not sexist, No. 2

Second in the series:

I just caught a taxi, alone, and the driver told me several times how beautiful I was, asked if I had a boyfriend ect @EverydaySexism

Steve Clamp ‏@SteveClampITV2m
@laureningram @EverydaySexism I’m not sure that’s sexism. It’s just inappropriate.

It is of course, both.

If those comments were made in the workplace, they’d clearly fall foul of sexual harassment legislation. The reason they are harassment, and not “chatting up” or “flirting” is due to the inappropriateness of the setting – just as in the workplace. In fact, it is a workplace for the driver.

Sexual harassment definitely falls under the umbrella of sexism.

“That’s not sexist” No. 1

First in a series answering the wilfully ignorant “that’s not sexist” statements:

ruserious ‏@arrr_u_serious 13m@tonycollinet @Luvagoo @EverydaySexism why don’t you explain it to me? no one uses any word that says only women are bad in maths. no sexism

The advert is clearly aimed only at women and girls. The statement is “absorbs more than you ever did in maths class”. So it assumes that the audience (all female) could not do maths. If you are unable to see the clear sexism there, then I assume you are being wilfully ignorant. See my profile.